AlgoPro Forex Suite

What is the AlgoPro Forex Suite?

The AlgoPro Forex Suite is an indicator kit and strategy we have optimized specifically for trading forex and indices. This method works on all markets, but is especially profitable in forex. Using a blended formula only we have created, the forex suite is able to find the most optimized areas of a potential reversal, looking for perfectly timed scalp or swing trades. Combining this indicator with our V2, V3, and support / resistance tools gives you the strongest reversal trading tool kit on the market. The forex suite works on all time frames but is optimized for the 5-15 minute.

Intraday Trading Kit

The AlgoPro Forex Suite also comes with a built in trading session / time zone dashboard in the top right corner. This is a customizable dashboard which can be altered in settings. Also featured is a tool to show you the opening, closing, high, and low price of each previous trading day and week. All of these can be toggled on and off inside the settings tab. For mobile users, you can also turn off the trading session dashboard within the settings for easier viewing.