AlgoPro Scalper Bot V3

Fully Automated Strategies by AlgoPro

What is the AlgoPro Scalper Bot V3?

The AlgoPro Scalper Bot V3 is a bot strategy similar to the V2, as it is designed to find high confidence areas to perform small scalps to compound gains. However the V3 uses a different algorithm and has many more conditions used with more customizable options. In addition to complexity of signals, the V3 also features advanced options such as the ability to Dollar Cost Average your trade if a better entry is found during a trade, and the ability to turn on a Trailing Take Profit System for TradingView Premium Members. With the advanced settings and ability to completely customize for any asset and timeframe, that Scalper Bot V3 is one of the best automable scalping methods on the market.

The settings and sensitivity of the Scalper Bot V3 signals are fully customizable from signal detection, to take profit, and stop loss levels. Use our AlgoPro Bot Optimizer Chrome Extension to run automated back-tests on whatever asset and timeframe you want to find the best performing settings with ease. Bot Optimizer:

To use the Trailing Take Profit feature of this bot, you MUST have a TradingView Premium account and have Bar Magnifier enabled in the Properties - Style section of the settings. Any TradingView user that does not have Premium TradingView account must keep this feature disabled to avoid unrealistic results.

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