AlgoPro V1.2

The V1.2 functions very similar to the V1 aside from self optimizing, however there are fine adjustments that are more suitable for daily and intra-day trading. The V1.2 features a more manual signal approach to customize to your personal style of trading and includes a dynamic true range Take Profit and Stop Loss system. Once the V1.2 confirms there has been a buy or sell signal confirmed by a candle close, the V1.2 will then determine the most accurate Take Profit levels and Stop Loss levels for that active signal. Our V1.2 also features a new dynamic, smoothed blend of moving averages that provide improved accuracy for support and resistance with price action. The sensitivity of all signals and take profit/stop loss signals are fully customizable. the V1.2 functions perfectly on both normal candlestick as well as heikin-ashi.

Once you go into the settings of the V1.2, you'll be provided options to change the sensitivity of the signals, and the aggression of the take profit levels. By tweaking the AlgoPro Multiplier, you'll be able to fine adjust the buy and sell signals to your liking. Adjust the Multiplier on multiple time frames to ensure they perform for your personal style of trading. After you have found the multiplier signals you're comfortable with, you can then adjust the AlgoPro Period to make even finer adjustments to the algorithm. Depending on if you're day trading, swing trading, or scalp trading - you can then start adjusting the TP/SL Length and Multiplier to tweak the take profit and stop loss level style that you want for your style of trading. All of these settings are dynamic and will automatically apply to any asset and time frame.

You also have the option in the settings of the V1.2 to alter the appearance of your indiactor. You have the option to show/hide the bar coloring, support resistance cloud, candle alerts, as well as change the size and location of the AlgoPro V1.2 dashboard.

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