AlgoPro Bot Optimizer

A tool to optimize your bot!

You can add our free chrome extension - AlgoPro Optimizer - to optimize any of our bots for whatever asset and market you need! Simply download the chrome extension, add an AlgoPro Bot to your chart and click on the extension to bring up the dashboard! We recommend to use Random Improvement as your method. Be sure to only run the Optimizer for one chart at a time, not on multiple tabs or charts - this can lead to possible account suspension by TradingView.

Once the optimizer is done performing, it downloads a CSV file of all of the tested results. This file is not to be uploaded into the settings, it is simply a list of what all was tested. The best found settings are already automatically put in the settings after the test is complete and you can download those settings from the download/upload buttons noted below. Our optimizer tool also gives you the ability to download and upload settings. If you want to save the settings once you have ran a test, simply click the down arrow box at the bottom of your settings panel. If you want to upload settings into the bot, simply click the up arrow box at the bottom of your settings panel.

Get the Optimizer for free here:

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