AlgoPro Support & Resistance

Tutorial of our Trend and Volume SR Tools

Our AlgoPro Support & Resistance is a tool that automatically detects points of support and resistance based on past/present trends, pivots, and order block volume. Once order blocks are detected, these areas will be highlighted and will also show you the price of that support or resistance. Our system also auto detects trend lines in the market. Once these trend lines are found, you'll the the support or resistance line of this trend line with the price of that uptrend or downtrend. You can customize the sensitivity of how much price needs to extend beyond these support/resistances and trend lines for them to be removed.

When price is correlating within these support and resistance zones, you can adjust your settings to notify when a break through/ break down of a zone occurs - and other similar functions. Settings can also be adjusted within to make detecting of zones more stronger and weaker. Fewer stronger zones - as well as more weaker zones of support/resistance.

Complete Support & Resistance Tool Box

Combine these two tools together with our AlgoPro V1.3 to provide you the most complete, intuitive trading experience on the market.

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