AlgoPro Smart Money Concepts

Revolutionary SMC Trading

The AlgoPro Smart Money Concepts tool is one of our most advanced smc style trading toolkits. Turning smart money methods into a real time trading system, you'll get real time entries from key breaks of character or market structure. These breaks of character and market structure are also tracked with volume at the time those areas are detected. You will see labels of "Medium Volume" or "Strong Volume". For the areas of "Strong Volume" there is a higher chance that entry will be successful in reaching the take profit target of that entry if that zone is broken. Once a break of character or market structure is detected and an entry is triggered, you'll see your take profit and stop loss for that specific trade. The take profit and stop loss is also a dynamic zone, each trade will have a different tp and sl depending on the average true range and volume when an entry is detected. You can customize your risk/reward for your target in the settings of the tool.

AlgoPro Smart Money Concepts Volume Profile Also included in this toolkit is our live volume profile. This volume profile shows you the current market volume for an asset at certain price levels and will highlight on your chart where the volume is most prevelant at being a support/resistance. The volume profile is also dynamic, so as you zoom in or out of your chart to show more or less candles, the volume profile will auto adapt to that amount of time shown.

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