AlgoPro V1

What is the V1 Indicator?

Our V1 Indicator uses a blend of an MA's combined with trend signals, volume analysis, volatility calculations, and a plethora of more tools to provide you strong bullish and bearish indications. When these comprehensive tools trigger together, you'll get live buy and sell signals - as well as live take profit signals. AlgoPro V1 allows you to visualize complex trading tools in a simplistic, easy to use way. Unlike our V1.2 that is more suitable for customization to your personal trading style, the V1 auto optimizes for the highest gross profit found, and all of its functionality is done within the algorithm, from buy and sell signals, to every take profit alert.
  • Buy / Sell Signals & Alerts with Automatic Optimization
  • Take Profit Zones
  • Support / Resistance Zones

Automatic Setting Optimization

The AlgoPro V1 Indicator displays buy/sell signals that aim to support the analysis of the trader. Our revolutionary system automatically tests all settings in real time to find the most optimized settings with the highest profit gain based on the asset and time frame you are trading. The first algorithm to ever have this function. Our system will find the top 3 settings for you, list the 3 with the settings used and the performance of those settings. The best settings are automatically applied to the chart for you. Only longs (Buy - Exit) are calculated in the algorithm, not shorts.
AlgoPro V1 settings are easy to use and understand. The V1 finds the best settings for you based on the range you have set in settings. To test different ranges of settings, simply lower or raise your factor or length range. Whichever range you have in settings is where the algorithm will start looking for optimized settings. You can also change/customize your take profit zones as well.

Support & Resistance Clouds

The AlgoPro V1 uses a blend of the most important moving averages to give you a smoothed support and resistance cloud. When price movement is bullish - a green support cloud will be present with price above. When price movement is bearish - a red resistance cloud will be present with price below. It's very common for price to bounce off of these clouds. When price breaks through a cloud, it could be a sign of trend reversal. Once the color of the cloud changes, it's a confirmation of a trend reversal.

RSI Candles

The AlgoPro V1 candle colors change based on the current RSI levels of that certain asset. The higher the RSI levels, the more green the candles will become. The lower the RSI levels, the more red the candles will become. The more neutral the RSI level, the more yellow the candles will become. This is useful in finding areas of overbought and oversold levels.

AlgoPro V1 MA Heat Indicator

Our MA Heat Indicator is used to analyze the current market trend outlook. Using vital moving averages blended with a heat map like bull/bear indicator - this tool lets you know the strength of the trend or the warning of a choppy market. The further price is from the Heat Indicator (the more green or red the indicator gets) - the stronger the trend. The closer price is to the Heat Indicator (the more yellow the indicator gets) - the stronger possibility there is for choppy and ranging market conditions. If the price of an asset is above the indicator - the more bullish the asset is. If the price of an asset is below the indicator - the more bearish the asset is.
Price distant from the indicator - Strong Trend Market Conditions. Price Above = Bullish
Price staying with the indicator - Choppy/Ranging Market Conditions. Price Below = Bearish.

For Mobile Users

To remove the AlgoPro V1 Optimization Table from your chart, simply go to settings - style - and uncheck the tables box.