AlgoPro Reversal Suite

The Complete Reversal Trading Tool Kit
The AlgoPro Reversal Suite is an all in one contrarian trading tool kit. Using blends of different signals and technicals, the Reversal Suite recognizes when an asset could be nearing a reversal in price. From certain candle styles at important RSI levels - to extended price ranges, always have an edge of when to exit a trade or play against the trend.

AlgoPro Reversal Channel

The AlgoPro Reversal Channel takes the price history and movement of an asset and creates an all in one support and resistance channel that price tends to stay within. The more the price of an asset extends to the red zone, the greater the chance of a reversal in price. Other AlgoPro signals combined with price entering the banded zones are a great sign of a potential reversal.
AlgoPro Reversal Suite

AlgoPro Bullish & Bearish Candles

Another feature of the AlgoPro Reversal Suite is the ability to identify certain candle stick styles when an asset is also overbought or oversold. When these candles are detected, there will be a bull or bear signal above or below the candlestick. The RSI levels needed for these signals to be shown can be customized in settings.