AlgoPro Reversal Suite

The Complete Reversal Trading Tool Kit

The AlgoPro Reversal Suite is an all in one contrarian and reversal trading tool kit. Using blends of different signals and technicals, the Reversal Suite recognizes when an asset could be nearing a reversal in price. From certain candle styles at important RSI levels, key supports and resistances, - to extended price ranges, always have an edge of when to exit a trade or play against the trend.

AlgoPro Reversal Zone

The AlgoPro Reversal Zone takes the price history and movement of an asset and creates an all in one support and resistance channel that price tends to stay within. You'll see glowing dots appear with a key support or resistance line that will extend. A new dot will appear at every potential pivot. These provide key areas to watch for potential reversals. You'll see a normal arrow appear for a normal possible reversal, and a "Strong" icon appear when we a strong chance of reversal is possible. You can hover over these icons to see more details.

Buy & Sell Signals with Targets

The Reversal Suite also provides real time buy and sell signals on to complete your reversal trading tool kit. For a reversal buy or sell to appear, the algorithm has to have a previous completed cycle of a normal reversal signal, combined with a "Strong" reversal signal, and then momentum of reversal in price for the signal to activate. Once a signal is activated, you'll see a provided target and stop loss included for that trade. You can edit the risk to reward you want for your trade in the settings.

AlgoPro Reversal Dashboard Also included with our Reversal Suite in a Reversal Dashboard - this dashboard tracks the falling and rising of the trend to help add confluence to your reversal decisions. You'll receive real time RSI and Moving Average readings. The lower the RSI, the more likely of a reversal. As the RSI or Moving Averages crosses above or below each other, you'll get a live reading of if the trend is rising or falling for that asset.

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