Automate Your AlgoPro Bot

Automate your Bot with a 3rd Party Automation Software

Full Automation Capabilities

With designed settings for built in commands - you can connect our Scalper Bot into any automation software to perform trades for you - such as MetaTrader, 3Commas, etc. Simply copy and paste the various commands from your automation software into the Long Entry / Long Exit / Short Entry / Short Exit command panels in the Scalper Bot settings to enjoy a fully automated trading experience.

Simply enter the buy command message and sell command message from your automation software provider into the correlating long / short text fields found in the settings.

When creating your automation alert, erase all of the content in the Alert Message Area and add this command prompt into the alert message section on TradingView so all commands will fire.


Be sure to also add the Webhook URL for whatever automation software you're using.

Automation Guides - 3Commas and MetaTrader.

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