AlgoPro Swing Bot

Don't miss a single potential swing in the market.
The AlgoPro Swing Bot is the perfect tool to set and forget if you want the highest chance at catching every huge up swing and down swing that occurs in the market. The Swing Bot is similar in functionality to the V1.2, but uses a much more complex algorithm. Using a blend of technicals that are fully customizable, our system looks for trades that could be the start of a big swing in the market with a much more strict set of rules for opening a position. Once these trades are detected, our bot is optimized to follow that price action for a as long as possible or to close that trade immediately if price action does not continue. This helps traders catch very profitable swings in the market while maintaining a great risk to reward ratio.
The Swing Bot is fully customizable to any asset and any time frame and is fully automatable to most 3rd party automation software. Use our AlgoPro Bot Optimizer Chrome Extension to run automated back-tests on whatever asset and timeframe you want to find the best performing settings with ease. Bot Optimizer: