AlgoPro Dashboard

What is the AlgoPro Dashboard

The AlgoPro Dashboard is a comprehensive all-in-one market tool. Get an instant read on any asset in any market. Using every vital technical analysis indicator - the AlgoPro Dashboard tells you the market sentiment and which TA are giving bullish / bearing signals. Instead of having a cluster of confusing tools applied to your chart, this dashboard makes it easy to see every technical indicator you want.

The Most Comprehensive Panel

We understand that trying to have every technical analysis tool on your trading chart makes it impossible to read - giving you a lackluster read on the market. We've taken every vital TA tool in trading and combined it into one complete dashboard. Have real-time data at your fingertips with live bull/bear and market sentiment alerts.

The AlgoPro Dashboard is completely customizable. By going to the settings of the dashboard, you have access and the ability to show each technical analysis tool directly to your live chart by clicking the box. You also have the ability to minimize the dashboard to a smaller version, displaying only the bull/bear signals without the details and live data (as shown below).

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