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What is the Scalper Bot?

The AlgoPro Scalper Bot is complex software designed to make a large volume of high percentage, low risk trades on small time frames. Using a blend of indicators and strategies only our algorithm has done, this bot is able to detect areas of low time frame reversals and execute small profitable trades over and over again. With proven results and the ability to back-test this bot on any asset - it consistently produces results of 10% - 100% per month on most cryptocurrencies and stocks. To get optimized settings for any asset, head over to the #Scalper-Settings in our Discord!

Full Back-Tested Statistics

Our AlgoPro Scalper Bot has the ability to be back-tested to see previous results on any asset in any market. This gives you the ability to tweak your settings to get the most profitable results on the asset or market of your choice. With built in security functions, the bots performs large volume of high percentage, low risk trades to get you consistent profits without risking the loss of profits from longer time frame trades. The built in security and confirmation functions of our signals provide a reassurance of the accuracy of this system with a constant 60% - 90% win rate across markets. All trades performed are tracked by this system in real time.

AlgoPro Scalper Bot

The AlgoPro Scalper Bot uses a complex system of trend and momentum detection executing many trades following bullish or bearish momentum while avoiding trades during neutral ranges and times of consolidation. Default settings are optimized for Bitcoin Perpetual Futures on the 1 Hour Time Frame.
AlgoPro Scalper Bot V2
The AlgoPro Scalper Bot V2 is similar in function to our original Scalper Bot, however has some tweaks designed for lower time frames like the 5-15 minute. Using a blend of signals and confirmations, the V2 is great at detecting high confidence trades. The V2 is a great choice to use during ranging and choppy markets as our algorithm detects when to avoid trades during bad market conditions and takes advantage of trending prices. This formula makes the V2 the go to scalping bot for every market.

AlgoPro Bull Bot

The AlgoPro Bull Bot is designed to be the perfect bot for a bull market. It aims to place as few trades as possible, while capturing major moves in price movement during bullish momentum. Opening only long trades and holding those trades during extended periods of bullish price action.

Full Automation Capabilities

With designed settings for built in commands - you can connect our Scalper Bot into any automation software to perform trades for you - such as MetaTrader, 3Commas, etc. Simply copy and paste the various commands from your automation software into the Long Entry / Long Exit / Short Entry / Short Exit command panels in the Scalper Bot settings to enjoy a fully automated trading experience.
Only Applicable if Using Automation Software
When creating your automation alert, add this command prompt into the alert message section on TradingView so all commands will fire.
Simply enter the buy command message and sell command message from your automation software provider into the correlating long / short text fields found in the settings.

Connect our Scalper Bot to Automation Software