AlgoPro Scalper Bot V2

Fully Automated Strategies by AlgoPro

What is the Scalper Bot V2?

The AlgoPro Scalper Bot V2 is a bot strategy designed to find high confidence areas to perform small scalps to compound gains. Using a blend of signals and confirmations, the V2 is great at detecting high confidence trades while avoiding areas of price action that are choppy or ranging. The V2 is a great choice to use during ranging and choppy markets as our algorithm detects when to avoid trades during bad market conditions and takes advantage of trending prices. This formula makes the V2 a go to scalping bot for every market.
The settings and sensitivity of the Scalper Bot V2 signals are fully customizable from signal detection, to take profit, and stop loss levels. Use our AlgoPro Bot Optimizer Chrome Extension to run automated back-tests on whatever asset and timeframe you want to find the best performing settings with ease. Bot Optimizer:

Full Back-Tested Statistics

Our AlgoPro Scalper Bot has the ability to be back-tested to see previous results on any asset in any market. This gives you the ability to tweak your settings to get the most profitable results on the asset or market of your choice. With built in security functions, the bots performs large volume of high percentage, low risk trades to get you consistent profits without risking the loss of profits from longer time frame trades. The built in security and confirmation functions of our signals provide a reassurance of the accuracy of this system with a constant 70% - 90% win rate across markets. All trades performed are tracked by this system in real time.