AlgoPro V2

What is the V2 Indicator?

Our V2 Indicator is a comprehensive oscillator package that allows for the highest quality signals in the market. Combining many complex trading tools into one - when triggered alone or together - you will get different strengths of signals. This indicator is great for predicting strong reversal and swings in any market.

All-in-one Oscillator

Using a blend of indicators to create a comprehensive oscillator and divergence detector - this is the strongest indicator on the market at detecting strong bullish and bearish reversals. When our blend of signals are fired together, you get a signal with a certain strength (determined by how many indicators have triggered)

When a possible reversal in price action is found, you'll see a glowing circle appear and our algo will highlight the candle of the signal as well. A glowing green circle indicates a reversal to the upside, and a glowing red circle indicates a reversal to the downside. These signals are great for even finding possible areas to take profit on existing trades, or to trade with a contrarian style.

You also have the option in the settings of the V2 to activate divergence signals. When our algorithm finds a divergence in price action, a glowing green or red diamond will appear. These also indicate a possible reversal before the asset if overbought or oversold.

The sensitivity of these signals are fully customizable within the setting dashboard.

The higher the time frame - the stronger the reversal probability.

Our V2 Indicators warn of potential reversals. The higher time frames such as the weekly, daily, 4-12 hour will be stronger signals and have a greater probability of a market reversal. The lower time frames such as the 5, 15, 30 minute are weaker and shorter time framed reversals. A good strategy is to start on the weekly and go down, checking the V2 indicator on all time frames to get a good read on the market.

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