AlgoPro OptiBot

The Most Powerful AI Trading Strategy Bot

The AlgoPro OptiBot is our latest version and our most advanced trading bot. The OptiBot is similar in functionality to the Scalper V3 with many more customizable options. With the OptiBot, we have completely individualized the set of conditions it takes for longs and shorts to open - as we know, many assets should have stricter rules for shorts, and more lenient rules for longs. There are also now 3 fully customizable mix and match Take Profit & Stop Loss Systems - V1, V2, V3. Choose any of these systems or mix and match them together to get the precise trading style you desire, from dynamic, to fixed, to risk/reward. The OptiBot can be fully optimized to any asset or market.

The OptiBot is fully customizable to any asset and any time frame and is fully automatable to most 3rd party automation software like 3Commas, Pineconnector, etc. Use our AlgoPro Bot Optimizer Chrome Extension to run automated back-tests on whatever asset and timeframe you want to find the best performing settings with ease. Bot Optimizer:

Individualized Signal Conditions for Longs & Shorts

The issue with most trading bots is that longs and shorts can only be signaled from the exact same conditions. This is not the optimal way to trade, as long vs shorts depending on the asset should be heavily weighed over the other. This is why we have completely separated the conditions needed to enter a trade for longs vs shorts in the OptiBot. You can fully customize/enable/disable every single condition needed to enter a long without affecting short conditions, and vice versa.

Multiple Take Profit Systems

The OptiBot uses a variety of take profit systems that all use multiple take profits that can split your profit across different points of one trade. We have also individualized this more in the OptiBot. You can now set different percentages from longs and shorts for each take profit line. The percentages set will affect take profit systems V1 and V2, as shown in the (V1, V2) next to the labels. The V3 take profit system is automatically set to 50% of TP1 and 100% of TP2 (this cannot be changed).

Take Profit / Stop Loss System V1

The V1 Take Profit / Stop Loss System is the default system of the OptiBot. This system is dynamic and bases its calculations off of the average true range of an asset. Up to 4 Take Profits can be enabled/disabled and the percentages of each take profit can be customized. The V1 system also includes a moving stop loss feature. The moving stop losses can be enabled and disabled for both longs and shorts.

Take Profit / Stop Loss System V2

The V2 Take Profit / Stop Loss System is similar to the V1, but uses a set fixed % and is not dynamic. You can set at what percentage you'd like the take profits to start at, and the rest of the take profit markers will then be multiples of whatever percentage you decide. Up to 4 Take Profits can be enabled/disabled and the percentages of each take profit can be customized just like the V1. The stop loss of the system is also a fixed % and this system also includes a moving stop loss. The moving stop is fully customized, as you can decide at what fixed % you'd like the moving stop loss to activate at, and you can decide where the stop loss is exactly moved to. As you can see in the example photo below, once the price hit our move the stop loss after 1.5%, the stop loss is now at break even as we had the "Move To" option at 0.

Take Profit / Stop Loss System V3

The V3 Take Profit / Stop Loss System is a more simple system based off of whatever risk/reward you're looking to trade in your setup. Set your risk/reward, and then customize the sensitivity of the system to get the exact setup you're looking for. You also have the option to take partial profits in this system by closing half of the trade at the halfway point of your take profit. If you have the partial tp enabled, the stop loss will also be moved to break even if your halfway point is hit.

Risk Management Features

As risk management is one of the most important features in trading, and as prop firms continue to gain popularity where risk management is required, we've decided to include a full risk management section in the OptiBot. Set certain drawdown rules, set the most trades lost in a row, set the most you're willing to lose in a day, and more. If a rule is broken, the strategy will automatically stop.

Automation Commands

As these strategies are meant to be automated with a 3rd party software, we've included extended automation command areas to make it easier to input your code and commands. The inputs are labeled so it is clear to see which automation command input triggers which signal.

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